Adventures in Film is here to handle all of your production needs. Be it advertising, television or motion picture production, AIF can help you put your vision on film or video for a surprisingly affordable price.



AIF has a deep understanding of advertising and commercial production.  AIF understands that a client's commercial production, “spot” advertising and internet presence is an integral part of its marketing mix. AIF understands that it has to have a consistent touch across both online and offline media to allow it to seamlessly blend the creative elements with the target message to deliver on point commercials. Bottom line - AIF knows how to give its clients an effective and creative integrated campaign.

From concept creation through campaign management, AIF's creative, commercial production and media team can execute and deliver commercials and integrated campaigns that dazzle and engage a client's target.  Or AIF can work with a client's agency to deliver on-target media.

Television Production


Development is our speciality. AIF's creative team assists clients in all areas of program development; from scriptwriting to storyboarding, to casting, to production and post-production. 

However, in today’s world, putting your show on television is no longer enough to ensure success. In order to reach the maximum number of viewers you must make your programming available online and you need to create a campaign around your show. We understand that and this production company dedicates the same effort and thought developing and implementing online campaigns for the television programs we produce as we do in the physical production.


Motion Picture Production


AIF is a full-service creative team passionate about telling stories that communicate, inspire and connect with an audience. Although AIF develops its own motion picture projects, we also contract out our producing services.  

Our boutique company offers unparalleled production support, from our expert story develop- ment services to our award-winning production & post-production team. AIF partners with you and takes personal pride in the success of your final product.